Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kids in the Kitchen

I have found that some picky eaters of mine are more likely to try new things if they get to help cook it. Amazingly, foods that I've cooked before that have been snubbed have a whole new flavor if the Chef Odoms help make it. And don't be fooled to think Clara didn't want to help... it was all we could do to distract her with goldfish.

I also just have to share a picture of my freezer with you because I feel so "Betty Crockerish" today... I was quite impressed with myself. Yes - those are 10+ meals in there ready to thaw and go! Check out the "Meals in Minutes" concept on my friend Mary Lou's website!

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Mary Lou Garcia said...

LOVE the Freezer Picture!! I always feel slightly embarrassed when someone's freezer looks better then mine. I'm down to 1 casserole...which Jose can heat up for the kids while I'm gone this weekend.
Isn't it gratifying to have your kids want to help in the kitchen...Just Love it!

Mary Lou