Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pictures to go along with our Ike story...

Pictures in random order because I'm having trouble moving them around...

This is a shot Mallory took when on an expedition with Kevin:

The Case's house across the street:

Mallory and Lila in the firetruck following our accident:

Clara's kitty got a fire badge:

Kevin's parent's house:

Another shot of Kevin's parent's house:

Me with a still visibly shaken Clara in the firetruck following our crash: 

The kids playhouse behind our garage, looking into our neighbor's yard.

The nice family that drove us home!

Roof damage:

More roof damage:

Girls in the car.  Thank goodness for portable dvd-players!

Lila in the car:

Mallory and Clara in the car following a DQ stop.

Kevin driving with our two phones on his lap... gps programs pulled up!

Pretty cloud along the way:

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