Thursday, May 11, 2006

Word Play

Okay, I've become inspired to do the word play thing... I'd love to put my own "twist" on it of course, and make it about photos... but don't know how feasable that will really be considering my lack of spare time. Maybe I can work a photo or two in there now and then, but there's no use waiting until I'm ready or I'll never do it, so here goes...


Albums - A big part of my life. I have completed over 50 albums, and am still going strong. I feel like it's pointless to take pictures if you're not going to document them and put them in an album. Of course, I'm currently behind on that... better get crackin'

Advertising - Oh look, here's a spot to put a picture! One of my clients is the manager of an apartment complex and told me if I'd make up some sort of fliers or something, she'd put them in the Welcome packets that they give to all their residents. It took me a while to come up with what I wanted to give her, but this is what I finally came up with. It's postcard size.

Amazing Race - I never really got into the whole reality show thing until we started watching this one. I LOVE this show! It's pretty much the only thing Kevin and I sit down together and watch every week. Although we've been watching the Apprentice lately too.

Astros - Our hometown baseball team (Houston). Since Mallory started playing softball this year, she understands the concept a LITTLE bit better. Kevin's eating it up. He and Mallory went to one game by themselves, and recently we took the WHOLE CREW with us... Not quite the relaxing date night that it would have been with just the two of us... three girls at a baseball game is an adventure all its own, but we still had fun. Berkman even hit a home run.

Altoids - curiously strong mints. My favorite are the Cinnamon.

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