Saturday, May 20, 2006

Word Play


Babies - My favorite thing in the world to photograph. Especially MINE. I love the baby stage. The sweet baby breath, the precious smiles and michevious grins, the breathtaking eyes that just stare up at you and melt your heart, the smooth baby bottoms, the perfect baby skin, the tiny toes, the daily accomplishments, the newness of it all. It makes me sad to think that these days are rapidly coming to a close. My baby will be a toddler soon, and then a preschooler, and then a bright young lady that can read and ask a billion difficult questions. I'm sure it doesn't end there, but to go further is something I don't want to even ponder right now.

Bubble Bath - I love a good soak in the tub. Not that it happens that frequently, but I enjoy it when it does.

Bubbles - One of the worlds greatest inventions. You can keep children entertained for hours with just soap and water.

Birthday Cake - I love sweets. I'll admit it - it's no secret. A good birthday cake is hard to resist. I love wedding cake even more.

Bananas - Lila hasn't quite gotten the concept of the knock knock joke down, but she understands it has something to do with bananas. A typical Lila joke:

Lila: Knock Knock
Me: Who's There?
Lila: Banana (then follows infectious uncontrollable laughter).

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the baby parts collage! Very cute.

I love wedding cake too. Yum.