Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lila's Quote for the Day

Clara (playing with frog toy that sings Old McDonald): "EIEIO..."
Me, talking to my mom on the phone: "Do you remember when Lila used to go around singing that all the time. She must have been about 12 months old."
Lila: "Me?"
Me: "Yes, You."
Lila: "You've GOT to be KIDDING me!"

Monday, November 26, 2007

Random Monday Night Musings

* I think it's about time to make Kitty an in-your-bed only type thing for Clara. Although I know it will be quite the challenge helping her transition, I think it will help cut down on the thumb-sucking that she associates with having Kitty.

* Mallory, Lila & I made Rice Krispie treats tonight. Clara just grabbed a handful of marshmallows and ran into the other room to enjoy her booty!

* Taking advantage of Kevin being in school, we had a 'girls night' where we got in our pjs and sat in bed to read several storybooks before bed. We read one of my favorites from childhood "The Troll Music." Clara kept trying to shut the book and say "The End."

* Lila & Clara decided the other night that the washing machine was a movie theatre. They made their pretend popcorn & took a seat on their knees in front of the washer and watched the clothes go round and round. It was pretty cute. I took a picture, but decided not to post it because of my children's free spirits that lead to lack of clothing... :)

* Speaking of lack of clothing, my oldest, Mallory, asked her Nana for school pants for Christmas. Several of her others are too small, and she pitifully asked Nana if she would please get her some new pants for Christmas. Talk about feeling like a horrible mom!

* Bragging Mommy moment: Lila (3) can now list all the books of the New Testament. (Well, sometimes she still skips a few, but she HAS done the whole thing). Mallory (almost 7) can list all 66 books of the Bible! Clara can say "Maffew... Maak... Luuuk... John" and that's about as far as we get!

* Every time we see anything with a Santa Claus on it, Clara points and says "Paw Paw!" :)

* Mallory just finished reading the third book in the "Indian in the Cupboard" series. My mom recently brought me a box of my old books and Mallory's been going through them. I'm so glad she's enjoying books that I read as a child. She declared to me tonight that she hopes that Lila and Clara will be good readers like her.

* She also declared that Lila and Clara would probably be Aunts as teenagers. Yikes!

Pushing Daisies

So, I'm not much of a tv watcher. When Kevin is out of town, it rarely comes on with the exception of things like VeggieTales or LeapFrog videos for the kids. He came home one day talking about this odd-sounding show, and we're now hooked. It comes on Wed. nights, so we record it and watch it late at night after the kids have gone to bed. It has quite the odd plot, but is addictive & enchanting in a way because of the narrative storylike quality of the show. Here's an excerpt from a write up:

"Creator Bryan Fuller (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me) brought his playful sense of macabre to the show, which ABC calls a "forensic fairytale." Lee Pace (who previously worked with Fuller on Wonderfalls) stars as Ned, a man with the ability to bring the dead back to life with a single touch...but only once. Should he touch the revived again, they die forever. However, if he keeps the revived around for longer than a minute, someone else in proximity dies for good.

A private investigator named Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) discovers Ned's power and decides he would make a good ally: Revive murder victims, ask them who killed them, then collect the reward. All goes swimmingly until Ned revives his childhood crush Charlotte (Anna Friel), and he realizes he can never touch her again"

Interesting? Visit ABC's website for more info & video clips.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Girls with Santa & Mrs. Claus

Do you see the family resemblance? :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Overheard at the breakfast table...

Lila coughs.
Mallory (disgusted tone): "Lila, cover your mouth when you cough."
Lila (exasperated tone): "But I don't want to get germs on my HANDS!!"