Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

I wonder how many "back to school" blog posts there are out there today.  I'm guessing quite a few!  Our girls all had their first day of school today at Eagle Heights.  Clara is in PreK3, Lila in PreK4 and Mallory is in 2nd grade.  Other than the fact that Lila has a double ear infection and didn't feel good, they all had great days!  Mallory has already emphatically stated that 2nd grade is easy, and the other two came home talking about music, the cafeteria, PE, Bible stories and new friends!

I am actually looking forward to the structure and routine that the school year brings.  I've been planning meals, lunches, etc.  I've been exercising regularly and doing a daily (almost!) Bible study and I've enjoyed the nourishment I get from both of those things.  Kevin starts school tonight as well.  He's taking classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons/evenings.  So, we won't see him a lot, but the good side to that is that he should be done in May and some of this craziness may subside!

The girls school:

Saturday, August 23, 2008


We went to the Angleton library one day last week and there were tons of hummingbirds circling around these bushes.  They were chirping, too!  I didn't know hummingbirds chirped!  This shot was with my Canon G7 Power Shot... not bad for a point & shoot, huh?!

Clara's Ariel Party

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My baby is three. *sniff, sniff*

Clara told us she wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe for her birthday... but I think that was from the influence of an older sister, because THIS is what she did every time the animals made noise:She did enjoy her birthday dessert, though!

After dinner, we went to the Build-a-Bear workshop where Clara made her own bear.  Her name?  "Ariel" of course!

Happy Birthday, little one!  

Thursday, August 14, 2008

All she wants to do is Dance...

Well, the short month that we were off for dance is over and this week the girls started their new dance classes. Mallory has graduated from the "Combo" classes and can now take each dance type in a separate specialized class. It was her choice to do three classes this year - ballet, tap and jazz. I think she's most excited about jazz because she gets cool new shoes.

Lila and Clara are taking the Ballet-Tap-Tumbling class for 3-4 year olds. They are in the same class. I cannot tell you how excited Clara is to be dancing with the big girls. She kept saying "Me? I go dance? I big? Me go to dance?" And she did a great job. She looked like an old pro in the dance room doing all the moves.

Here she is before her first class sporting her very own pair of new ballet shoes:

And a couple quick pics of the younger two in class. That's Mallory on the far right "helping" and then Clara, then Lila, who was actually turned to the barre and doing what she was supposed to be doing:

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Reasons I am NOT sad my best friend and her family are moving far, far away...

I've been very anti-sap these past few months/years I've been knowledgeable of and preparing for the move of my dear friends the Parsons. (You can read all about the reasons for the move HERE). It's not that I'm in denial (okay, well maybe I am), but I try to save the tears for important things like when I randomly see big trucks with pictures of bison on them and well-up for no apparent reason... Anyway, in keeping with the anti-sap theory, while everyone else is giving them reasons they're going to miss the Parsons family, here is MY list of reasons I will not be sad to see them go!

#1. I will no longer back into the curb opposite their driveway when leaving their house, thus scaring my children and convincing them I'm going to flatten a tire.

#2. I will save money due to the less-frequency of Starbucks runs.

#3. I will receive less dirty looks from my husband on weeknights.

#4. I will now only be referred to as "that red-headed devil" via long distance.

#5. Amanda (the troublemaker) will no longer be able to blame things on me (the good one).

#6. My children will be raised away from the influence of skinny-dippers.

#7. Amanda's status updates on Facebook will now actually be surprising and not something I already know.

#8. I now have a reason to travel to the great vacation spot of Arkansas.

#9. I will no longer be forced to ride or drive in the scary truck that has been known to have doors flying open and other scary incidents while on the road.

and #10... well, I can't think of anymore. It was all in jest. I lied. I'm going to miss you so much that my heart hurts. So for now, I'll just have to say for one last time, "See you manana." But I'm going to do it in the most anti-sappy way I can. Love you guys!

The Last Outing of the Dynamic Duo

Destination: New restaurant in Pearland. We heard they had PIZOOKIES and it was decided.
And because it's all about the comfort food when friends of 25 years are soon to be separated... we started with the avacado eggrolls. How can you go wrong with anything that has avacados, cream cheese, pine nuts and is DEEP FRIED?

Apparently this particular restaurant has a thing for avacados. That's good because so do we!

"SMELL the cheese..."

"I say Pizookie, You say Pizookie!"

And because it's not an official outing unless we smalltown-Angletonian-girls-turned-Pearlandian-yuppies head to Starbucks...

Good Times!I'm gonna miss you!

Friday, August 01, 2008