Saturday, August 09, 2008

Reasons I am NOT sad my best friend and her family are moving far, far away...

I've been very anti-sap these past few months/years I've been knowledgeable of and preparing for the move of my dear friends the Parsons. (You can read all about the reasons for the move HERE). It's not that I'm in denial (okay, well maybe I am), but I try to save the tears for important things like when I randomly see big trucks with pictures of bison on them and well-up for no apparent reason... Anyway, in keeping with the anti-sap theory, while everyone else is giving them reasons they're going to miss the Parsons family, here is MY list of reasons I will not be sad to see them go!

#1. I will no longer back into the curb opposite their driveway when leaving their house, thus scaring my children and convincing them I'm going to flatten a tire.

#2. I will save money due to the less-frequency of Starbucks runs.

#3. I will receive less dirty looks from my husband on weeknights.

#4. I will now only be referred to as "that red-headed devil" via long distance.

#5. Amanda (the troublemaker) will no longer be able to blame things on me (the good one).

#6. My children will be raised away from the influence of skinny-dippers.

#7. Amanda's status updates on Facebook will now actually be surprising and not something I already know.

#8. I now have a reason to travel to the great vacation spot of Arkansas.

#9. I will no longer be forced to ride or drive in the scary truck that has been known to have doors flying open and other scary incidents while on the road.

and #10... well, I can't think of anymore. It was all in jest. I lied. I'm going to miss you so much that my heart hurts. So for now, I'll just have to say for one last time, "See you manana." But I'm going to do it in the most anti-sappy way I can. Love you guys!


Ryan Parsons said...

Reason #11 - I won't have to hear my best friend Amanda call me her "Goose that laid the golden egg"

I love you, chica......don't forget to slow down sometimes and take time to SMELL THE CHEESE!!!

Manda (I was using Ryan's google reader!)

Jessica said...

Hey Laura -- too bad the Parsons are moving away, but it sounds like they are doing some great things. I of course can greatly sympathize, as we seem to not be able to stop moving around and it is hard to say good bye. Thank goodness for the internet making it so easy to stay in touch!