Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

I wonder how many "back to school" blog posts there are out there today.  I'm guessing quite a few!  Our girls all had their first day of school today at Eagle Heights.  Clara is in PreK3, Lila in PreK4 and Mallory is in 2nd grade.  Other than the fact that Lila has a double ear infection and didn't feel good, they all had great days!  Mallory has already emphatically stated that 2nd grade is easy, and the other two came home talking about music, the cafeteria, PE, Bible stories and new friends!

I am actually looking forward to the structure and routine that the school year brings.  I've been planning meals, lunches, etc.  I've been exercising regularly and doing a daily (almost!) Bible study and I've enjoyed the nourishment I get from both of those things.  Kevin starts school tonight as well.  He's taking classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons/evenings.  So, we won't see him a lot, but the good side to that is that he should be done in May and some of this craziness may subside!

The girls school:


Anonymous said...

The girls look so grown up! They are really cute! I didn't know ya'll were switching schools!:)

Samantha C. said...

I hope they are enjoying EHCA. They were so good to us.