Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Trip to the Museum

Kevin and I always seem to have differing opinions of what should go on during the weekends. He's such a great dad, and is always wanting to "get out and do something as a family." On the other hand, I'm always happy to have him home, and would like to get things done around the house while I have help with the girls! I realized today that his goal is better. 20 years from now, the girls aren't going to remember if my house was cluttered or not (hopefully, anyway!)... they're going to remember the fun things we did together as a family. So, I embraced todays outing and enjoyed every minute of it... even if I did have dishes in the sink waiting for me when I got home.

We ended up going to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. They had a new dinosaur exhibit, which we sped through (think short attention spans, *sigh*) but was pretty cool. Also located in the museum is a large butterfly museum. This is where the girls had the most fun. They state that there are roughly 1000-2000 butterflies in the pyramid at any given time. The girls all enjoyed watching all the butterflies. Even Clara! Mallory kept trying to get one to land on her. Lila had a tumble in the mud - always a fun thing. But was fine - caught herself with her hand (easily cleaned off with the trusted WIPEY). Another highlight was the huge iguana...

We ended up getting a membership for a year... even if we go back once, the discount is worth it with our large family. So, we'll be going back. Mallory got some glow in the dark butterflies from the gift shop that she and Kevin came home and put up in her room. She was so excited about them she could hardly see straight. Going to bed was a big challenge tonight. Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon -- at least enough that it won't affect her going to bed again! Of course, she also told me that she was having bad thoughts of dinosaurs chasing her... but I'm pretty sure it was a stall tactic.

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Anonymous said...

I struggle with this myself -- I think with this many young kids, there is always *something* you could be doing around the house, but long-term, the time is better spent making memories together.