Thursday, February 01, 2007


I got the pathology report today. It was cancer. Specifically "Renal Cell Carcinoma - Chormophobe type". It's a rare type of kidney cancer. It only occurs in about 5% of kidney cancers. But, its prognosis is good. It rarely recurs or spreads, and they got all of it. There were no cancer cells in any blood vessels or anything else they took samples of. So it was confined to the kidney. I have to go for my 6 week post op visit on March 7th, then will go for scans every 6 months for the first year and then once a year until they decide to "let me go". The PA told me that if you have to have cancer, this is the kind to have. :)

Physically I'm doing good. Still pretty sore - especially at the end of the day, but compared to a week ago today, MUCH better! I can sleep on my side now and don't wince every time I move. I'm up and about more, so things are good. We have been so blessed. Had homemade lasagna for dinner that someone else cooked. YUM. (Thanks, Steph!)

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EMWilkinson said...

Glad to hear you are healing and feeling better! Let Kevin, the girls and your friends take good care of you the next several weeks! I'm sure you were used to being the one caring for everyone else...that's the mommy's job. :) hehe. I've been thinking about ya...just didn't want to bug you with too many emails. Take care! We may be seeing you for Davids one year portraits in June!!