Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Three Months...

Tomorrow will mark three months of being cancer free. It's been three months since my surgery. Wow. The first part of 2007 certainly was a whirlwind for me. Between doctors visits, recovery and opening a full time studio to say life has been a little crazy is an understatement.

I attended a dinner for Cancer survivors last night. It's part of the Relay for Life sponsored by the American Cancer Society. I got my purple survivor shirt. I sat at the table with my Grandmother, also a survivor, and several other friends, one of which has been cancer-free for 23 years - which in and of itself is crazy to me because I actually remember her having her surgery - does that mean I'm old??

So many things about my "bout with cancer," or my "minor inconvienience" as I like to call it, are really out of the norm for cancer patients that I really don't feel like a "survivor." I am, I suppose. I had cancer and now I don't -- but I didn't "fight the fight" - I was so blessed in the circumstances, the type, the treatment - I didn't have to go through much that many many people do when they have this terrible disease. It almost doesn't seem fair to label myself a survivor.

I do know that my little "bout" has made me more appreciative of the little things. It's given me a greater faith that God is in control. It makes me hug my babies tighter every day, night, and moment. It has shown me how much I am loved. It's made me not sweat the small stuff a little more often (though I still struggle with that occasionally).

Three months. Wow. On the one hand, I can't believe it's already been three months. It's all still fresh in my memory. On the other hand it seems like it was ages ago. My children are different now than they were then... Clara's talking more, Lila's completely potty-trained and is now a three year old "big girl" and Mallory's minus a baby tooth! I take joy in watching Clara squeeze her eyes shut for the prayer - in Lila rattling off her adapted lyrics to the "Sweet" song - in Mallory being an AllStar softball player. A lot can change in three months. I'm glad my past three have changed for the better.

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