Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beach Babes

I had a portrait party in Galveston tonight & I took my girls with me! Amanda (our babysitter) came with me so that she could watch the girls while I took pictures. I got some sweet ones of the girls on the beach & then let them change & play in the water & sand. They had a BLAST. It was Clara's first trip to the beach. I think it's safe to say she loved it.


Jessica said...

Clara's hair!! Too cute. I am very jealous, I still want to do some beach pictures with my kids sometime. Yours turned out great.

EMWilkinson said...

Ditto Jessica's comment on Clara's hair! Wow...it's seems redder than I remember...and way curlier too. So cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your diversity in the picts. you take. These are great ones from the beach! Be thankful you live near a beach or water for that matter...unlike us in KS.
I like the one where all three of the girls are facing the water. So serene. Keep up the good work. Happy BDY. on the 27th!!!! Miss ya'll~