Saturday, July 05, 2008

Our 4th, part 2

This was the first Saturday in six weeks that I've had off, plus Kevin and I were both off Friday as well, so we took advantage of the weekend! The older two girls both got haircuts Thursday evening, followed by dinner at the Cracker Barrel where we let them eat dessert first!

Friday we went to my parent's for the All-American meal of hamburgers and hot-dogs (I wonder how many were sold this past week?!) and enjoyed an afternoon of fun. Despite the ominous weather, the girls were able to play in the pool in the back yard and had so much fun! Uncle Travis even jumped in at one point and did some spashing!

Something you may or may not know about my husband is that he likes to take the "long way" home and loves to explore new/uncharted roads. On the trip back home, despite several dead-end signs, he figured "GPS knows best" and led us down roads where we ended up turning around. I think the trip from Angleton to Pearland took about 2 hours.

Here's an example:

Yes, that's a cow. Here's a closer look:

Of course we ended the night by going to the carnival and fireworks display at "The Rig" (Pearland Football Staduim). The girls had a great time. Clara told me "The fireworks make me happy."

They even slept until a quarter to 9:00 this morning, which made ME happy!

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Samantha C. said...

Ron is the same way on traveling!!! I think weve seen that cow :) I get nervous when he says let see where this road goes!