Thursday, September 25, 2008

I was tagged...

6 Random things about me:

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So.. 6 random things (okay, so they're not all about me per say, but random anyway)...

1.  We were awakened at 5:00 this morning by dogs barking in our back yard (most of the neighborhood still has missing fences), and found two dogs tearing up a cat.  :(  The cat did not make it, and Kevin found a phone number on his tags and called the owner this morning.  Sad.

2.  Mallory has informed me that I should withdraw her from school because "there are other ways to learn things."

3.  I have a housekeeper and I am not ashamed.  We LOVE Ms. Debbie and I would not be sane without her!

4.  I am sooooo frustrated with insurance companies right now!

5. We had 170 people at worship services Sunday morning in the Annex with NO POWER.  The singing in the cramped room was great, and I met someone who usually sits on the opposite side of the building who I did not know but who adores and looks for my children every Sunday.  :)  

6.  I fear Lila's passion.  

I have no idea who reads this blog that wasn't already tagged by Erin, but I'll try...  
Amanda, Mim, Melissa, Karyna, Kathy, Debbie


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh! Mallory and Luke should drop out of second grade and teach themsleves. Luke has the same ideas about school. He believes it has little to offer him and I'm a bit worried he may be on the right track. Wish I could home school.

Sad and scary about the cat :(

Melissa said...

Poor little cat... the same thing happened to one of the cats I had when I was little. :(

Girl, I can't blame you... if I had a cleaning lady, I'd be lovin' it myself. :)

I actually tagged Erin, sorry. But here's a freebie... I love reading fortune cookies, but I don't like to eat them. ;)