Monday, February 20, 2006

Learning the hard way

This appears to be a normal, serene fireplace, no? Well, appearances can be deceiving! After church Kevin took the girls out to go pick up food. On a LONG trip in the car to get food to give me a few minutes of peace. Clara had a very cranky day (I believe we're cutting our first tooth), but was finally asleep.

I get cold.

Laura's bright idea ~ start a fire in our cool "fake" fireplace. So, I turn the gas on while I try to light my match (mistake number one). Match doesn't light, but breaks in half, so I have to get another match. That one works, so I stick the match in the fireplace.


A massive burst of rolling flames lunges at me. I think I screamed. I'm not sure if I kicked the wall, or if the burst of energy shook it, but the large (2 ft x 3 ft) framed poster that I had sitting on the mantle waiting to hang (mistake number two) proceeded to fall off the mantle, and on top of me & the tile flooring directly in front of the fireplace. It shattered into a bazillion peices. I cleaned up tiny shards of glass for at least 45 minutes to an hour. A piece even knicked my new rockin' coffee table. Total bummer.

Come to find out, you should never turn on the gas BEFORE lighting the match. You should have your lit match already in the fireplace when you turn the gas on. Guess I should have researched that a little better.

And by the way, I'm fine. I thought I scorched my foot, but it appears fine this morning, and I got a cut on my finger that bled for a while, but it's only a bit sore. It was pretty scarey. I'm just thankful that I wasn't as seriously hurt as I could have been & that the kids weren't around to see me make my huge faux pas.

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