Friday, February 17, 2006

New Props

This morning I made a run to the Walgreens down the block to get some necessities - namely milk, cheerios and a box of Valentine candy on clearance. I saw these flowers in a bin (2 for $5) and thought they would make cute photo props, so I picked a few up. Of course, the girls immediately spied them when I got home, and in an instant, my oldest was a flower peddler, selling flowers to anyone around the house that would buy them. As is common when I get a new prop, suddenly she's ready for a photo shoot! I had to take these during her rest time so that she didn't know I had the camera out.

ISO=400, Shutter Speed 1/30, Aperture 5.6, Natural light from window, adjusted levels in PSE with the "set black point" dropper.

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