Sunday, July 23, 2006

M&Ms (aka Medal Moms)

My best friend and I have recently started our own club. We call it "Medal Moms" (aka M&Ms). Why you ask? Well, because we have taken to giving ourself "medals" quite frequently. (We expect the notification for the mom of the year awards to be arriving in our mailboxes any day now).

How do you get medals? And what are the rules for us Medal Moms? Well, we decided to make a list...

1. You must read and adhere to THE book. (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child).
2. Any time your child goes to sleep (see number 1), you earn a medal.
3. If you are spending the night at your girlfriend's house because your spouses are frolicking around out of the country, and you get all FOUR children asleep by 8:00, you get a BIG MEDAL and a LARGE Diet Soda from Sonic AND you get to watch a girly movie and cry.
4. When you get aforementioned four children all ready for church ON TIME not only once, but TWO Sunday's in a row, you get a medal.
5. If your child eats Eggplant, you get a medal.
6. If you survive an outing to lunch without being banned from the restaurant, you get a medal.
7. If you have a clean bedroom closet, you get a medal.
8. Medals are earned for each beautiful scrapbook page documenting your adorable child through photos and journaling.
9. If you can do all of the above on less than 6 hours of sleep a night, you earn a medal.
10. All rules of the M&Ms are subject to change without notice as the Medal Moms see fit. After all, we are the BOSS of our club.

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