Thursday, July 20, 2006

Word Play - E


Eggplant - I actually like eggplant. Kevin's not too fond of it, so I don't cook it very often. I enjoy getting it at restaurants, though, so since Kevin was out of the country, I got some recently and grilled it. Not perfect, but pretty good for my first attempt. Clara ate it anyway - so guess it was okay. Of course, she'd probably eat a bug if given the opportunity, so I don't know how well I should go on her reccomendations.

Eating - As a general rule, I eat when I'm stressed. However, I'm pushing a significant age milestone this month, and I decided it was time to take control and lose the weight that's been packing on ever since I got pregnant with Lila. I am proud to announce that I have lost 16 lbs. to date this month, and am no longer being controlled by food! It feels pretty good. Of course, I need to find something else to do when I'm stressed now... too bad my natural instinct isn't to want to clean!

Early - The time of day my children wake up.

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Anonymous said...

Early is the time Luke wakes too ;) We were up last night until past 11 and he was still up before 8am!!!