Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Word Play - F

First Birthday - I am having a very difficult time believing my baby is about to be ONE. Even harder to believe that next year she'll be walking about and talking up a storm as Lila is now. Clara is so much fun. She has so much personality!

Favorites: Drink - Diet Dr. Pepper * Authors - Nick Kelsh & Nicholas Sparks * Bible Verse - John 16:33 * Ice Cream Treat - Marble Slab's Cheesecake ice cream with graham crackers, cherries and caramel mixed in * Restaurant - Benihana * "Downtime" activity - Scrapbooking * Vegetable - Zucchini * Band - the Beatles * TV Program - The Amazing Race * Color - Green * Attire - comfortable jeans and an Old Navy t-shirt.

f-stop - the number representing the aperture portion of a camera setting/exposure.

Four O'Clock - the "witching" hour at my house. The one where the kids are most wound up and I'm most ready to have Daddy home!

Frozen dinners - a staple in our house lately. I actually have been cooking two fresh vegetables a night, so it's not like I'm not cooking at all... But for the main dish, I've been warming up Lean Cuisine meals for both Kevin and myself. The kids get different main dishes each night - usually some variety of chicken. It sounds horrible, but they're really not that bad. The LC Panninis that we had last night were YUM-O.

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