Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Word Play - G


Geronimo - not only the name of an American Indian chief, but the name we gave a turtle that happened upon our back yard as a child and that we claimed as a pet. We set up a little swimming pool for him and everything. I must have been 8 or 9. It was a red-eared slider, which are pretty common here in Texas.

Gestation - The gestation period of an elephant can be almost two years long. Considereing how miserable I was during each of my pregancies, it's something I can't even fathom. And I have a lot of modern convieniences that elephants don't have... speaking of Elephants, Mallory informed us today that she wished she had a real elephant, and that they don't make that much of a mess - to which Kevin informed her how big an elephant's bowel movements are. Such a scientific household we have here.

Green and Growing - I heard someone say in a speech once that you're either "Green and growing, or you're brown and dying." I thought it quite profound, and it's one that has stayed with me. Here's a shot of Mallory's "green and growing" bean plants.

Grain - The sand-like or granular appearance of a photograph. You will have more grain with a photo taken at a large ISO (film speed) and it is more pronounced the larger the image. Here's an example of a photo with grain:

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Her plants are getting big already!!! I hope I'm green and growing and not brown and dying. Once again...love the Autumn promo.