Friday, January 25, 2008

1 Year Cancer Free

Today is the anniversary of my nephrectomy and the day I became cancer free. In some ways it seems like so long ago - so much has happened since then. In other ways, it seems like yesterday. The memories are still very vivid.

To celebrate, I took the day off. I got a pedicure.
And took a trip to the salon.

And ran around finishing up last minute things for Mallory's Birthday Tea Party, which is tomorrow.

I then picked the girls up from school early and we got dressed and ready to go have family pictures made. (Yes, with another photographer). Hopefully I'll have pictures to post soon! Clara was a bit of a peel (bib surprise there!) but I think we got some good ones anyway.

We ended the evening with dinner as a family at a hibachi-style restaurant in Kemah. The girls enjoyed it, as did we.

Life is good. Don't take it for granted. =)

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