Saturday, May 24, 2008

Astros Fans

Our family is full of Astros fans. Even Clara will walk into the room when a baseball game is on and say "Go Astros!" So, when the Astros played the Rangers in Arlington, Kevin decided that we needed to take a weekend trip and go cheer them on. Here he and the girls are in front of our hotel: And at the stadium... it was HOT!

A shot to proove I too was at the game...

Clara was very busy through most of the game, but gave it up in the last couple of innings:
Her sisters immediately followed suit when we got to the car to make the trek home:
And we stopped at a Sonic that had tables inside! You call in your order at your table... Kevin wasn't as convinced as I was that this was an important Kodak Moment:
Oh, and the Astros won! Yay team!

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