Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lila's Petting Zoo Party

Okay, FINALLY I have some pictures to post from Lila's party last month. I've been getting lots of grief for not having these up already, but it was hard to choose which of the 200+ pictures to post!

We had a "backyard barnyard" for Lila - although it was really a "driveway barnyard" which worked out perfectly. My friend Janelle Hart made the AWESOME cake. (If anyone wants her contact info, just email me - she's wonderful!)

We had a pony that went up and down the sidewalk. Lila loved riding it over and over again!
Clara holds a baby chick - she wasn't so sure abou it.

Lila feeds the sheep
Jacob also was a bit timid around the animals.

Uncle Travis and soon-to-be Aunt Rachel

The girls got to feed the baby goats with milk bottles

Jacob and Clara take a turn feeding one of the kids
Barnyard fun!

Clara & the baby goat


Lila was so excited to have her best friend from school, Eva, over! Here they are brushing the pony's hair

And after the animals were gone, cake & hotdogs were eaten, and the presents were open the kids decided to hold a "dance-off" performance.

Those church of Christ kids can sure jam - especially this preacher's son...

The star:


Anonymous said...

That looks like sooo much fun!

I would LOVE a pet goat. If only we had more land...I would get one.

EMWilkinson said...

AWESOME party! You went all out with the coolness of having a real petty zoo! How fun!