Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our Little Rock Star

So her sisters were playing next door and Clara was forced to entertain herself.  I heard her jamming out in the other room just 'a singing to herself.  I went in there and saw this...

Of course, she noticed me, and I got this...

... and a request to come sit down in the chair and listen to her performance.

She does have quite the stage presence, wouldn't you agree?

Check out the tap shoes.

And this move... Wow!

But you just can't get the full effect without the vocals... here's a clip from an actual performance.  Gotta love the lyrics!!


Amanda Parsons said...

I am speechless.........That is one of the cutest things I have EVER seen! She is so precious. Don't you know Jesus was smiling listening to her?!!!

I can't wait for Jacob to wake up in the morning so he can watch it! They are going to have to start a band. He can play the drums and guitar and she can do the lead vocals. :)

Amanda Parsons said...

Jacob wants to know why Clara was waving at him in her video??? :)

Laurie said...

Too cute!!!
And Jacob's response is priceless also.