Thursday, June 04, 2009

End of the School Year.

This was a picture from the first day of school this year...

Lila is READING.  Well.  And she recently lost her first tooth!  After barely turning five!  I don't know if it's me, but that just seems way too early!  She just seems so grown up these days.  Lila is so spunky & I love the fact that she is so self-confident and cares not what anyone else thinks.  Especially when it comes down to wardrobe.  Ha!  She's recently decided that she wants to learn to play violin, so we're running with that and we have her starting lessons next week! I hope that she'll really enjoy it and it's something that will grow with her.

It's no surprise that Mallory had a stellar academic year.  She's a very bright child and is a teacher-pleaser.  She was the top AR points earner for the 2nd grade.  (AR is the accelerated reader program).  Mallory's latest interest is cheerleading.  She has joined the squad at school, where they practice once a week.  In the fall, they will cheer in some of the volleyball games.  At home, Mallory still loves to play with her dolls, which I want to encourage as long as possible, because I much prefer it over video games and television.  She has such a great imagination and is my natural-born leader.  She also loves to sing, and is going to begin taking voice lessons this summer.

Despite having such a trying time getting her allergy and asthma situations under control, Clara has had a good year as well.  She's growing like a weed and is getting so tall!  I'm afraid she's going to pass up Lila before too long!  Clara is our free-spirit and is so precious it's hard to be mad at her when she pulls her frequent little "Clara stunts".  She is definitely my baby girl & still loves crawling in bed with us each morning.  I love our cuddle time!  Clara plans to play soccer this summer through a program at school & is very excited about that.  Don't let that fool you, though.  She's still very much a girlie-girl and dress up time is VERY frequent around here!  For her birthday, she's already requested a party with ALL the princesses.  And for any of you wondering, yes, we still have kitty.

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