Sunday, June 28, 2009

While I was wrapping up at the supermarket, the telephone rings...

"Hey. I hate to tell you this, but I have some bad news." Kevin didn't sound happy.
"What? What happened??!" I couldn't imagine.
"Well, I think Clara's getting a haircut when you get home."
"She got silly putty in her hair and it's not coming out."

Ok. Silly putty. Fortunately, the topic of gum in the hair had just come up at the studio last week...

"Put some peanut butter in it, and I'll be home soon. I only have 2 more things on my list."
"Peanut butter?"
"It's supposed to help. Just put it in, and I'll take over when I get home."

So, I finish up the shopping & head home. I'm trying not to panic while having visions of those precious red curls lying in a pile in the floor. I must admit, there was a slight tightening of the chest.

I came home to a blubbering child with puffy teared eyes and green silly putty mixed with peanut butter goop in her hair. While Kevin brought in the groceries, we work on getting it out - not working all that well. So, I go to Google. Did you know a whole slew of sites came up when I typed in "Getting silly putty out of hair"? Amazing. The online consensus was olive oil, so I glopped some of that on there and started in again with the comb. It worked!! Several lather, rince, repeats later, we had perfectly clean putty-free hair! YAY! Crisis avoided.

This time.


EMWilkinson said...

Well, I hope for your sake you never have to deal with her cutting her own hair like i've done...TWICE! ugh!! I'm so glad to have the olive oil tip now...though David's hair could just be buzzed off in the case of emergency and I hope Syd will have outgrown anything like that now that she's 9. *cross fingers!!*

sondra german said...

hi laura... just introducing myself so you're not all wondering this crazy girl is stalking your blog! i went to high school with your cousin kevin, whom i've recently been back in touch with via facebook. when i mentioned living in pearland, he mentioned you and your profession. i inquired your name as we may be in need in the somewhat near future. he gave me your name, your website, and your blog. i will link to your blog on my sidebar, in case any of my followers (both of them) are looking for a photographer as well...