Monday, April 05, 2010

Weekend Trip

We took advantage of our long weekend & took a quick trip to San Antonio with the girls.  It was also Lila's weekend to take home the class pet, Buster, so here he is with Lila in front of the Alamo:

The girls enjoyed counting how many ducks they could find on the riverwalk.  I think we stopped counting after 100, but I don't know how many of those could be considered to be from an accurate head count!

Because I have a wonderful husband who will take me through the countryside on a whim looking for wildflowers, we did find a few.  Here, the cow is looking directly at Kevin, because Kevin decided to pull over and MOO at him!

Buster even collected some wildflowers:

My beauties:

And one last wildflower shot.  Texas is so beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

It IS beautiful! I love the wildflower +girl pictures. They are all so sweet.