Monday, January 14, 2008

Bedtime Update

Well, bedtime the past couple weeks has been a little hairy to say the least. Kevin or I one has had to sit in the younger girls' room to make sure Clara stays in bed and goes to sleep - it's been taking as long as an hour most nights before she settles down. And on top of that, she's been coming downstairs in the middle of the night to get in bed with us - which aside from being an annoyance is not safe, in my opinion. She could fall down the stairs or get into something potentially hazardous. So.... we bought a crib tent & this was night one. She was excited about her new bed until she was zipped in and realized she couldn't get out... BUT after 10-15 minutes of screaming, she is ASLEEP. We'll see how the middle of the night goes. I'll keep you posted.

Edit to add the middle of the night update - at 4a.m. on the dot she woke up calling for me. I went upstairs and calmly told her to lay back down. That it was still night-night time and she had to sleep in her bed, not Mommy's bed and that I would come back and get her in the morning. She continued to scream & I went back downstairs. At 4:07 the crying stopped - SILENCE. She was back asleep! Yahoo!

Of course, Lila woke up at 4:40 with a bad dream... such is the life of a mother!


EMWilkinson said...

Sounds tough! Sydney got into a koody routine when she was about 3 when we got her a new big girl bed...we had to read 3 books, do all the types of kisses (eskimo, dog, cat, butterfly, billygoat, unicorn, king-and-queen...yes we made up weird ones)...then 3 hugs. was tiring! Later we got down to one book...I don't know when it stopped...but eventually it did. Only thing she needs now is her bear "huggy" and her closet light on and a night light. I wish we could fix that! Good luck! Keep it'll be worth it for ya'll!

EMWilkinson said...

KOOKY...I can't type!! hehehe

Laurie said...

Just keep repeating..."Children ARE a blessing from the Lord." (I still have to remind myself)
This too shall pass ya know!